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I need you like an asshole on my elbow [entries|friends|calendar]
I always knew it would be like this.

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New Shannyn Forum [01/19/06   at   9:36pm]

We got sick of all the ad's at the EZBoard forum so we've started a new one:
Please check it out!
no, your name is richard.

Shannyn Pictures [04/13/05   at   12:55pm]

Here are a whole bunch of high quality pictures of Shannyn, some of them are outtakes that I've never seen before, and are brand new to the internet..
I thought some of you might want to see them.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Find the rest RIGHT HERE in my community shannyn_fans
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Random [03/22/05   at   9:50pm]

I just spotted The Rules of Attraction Suicide scene/ Food Service girl, Theresa Wayman in the new VW Jetta commercial.
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[03/20/05   at   10:36am]

does anyone know where the heck avary's domain went??
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caps [02/03/05   at   12:13am]


I just uploaded over 300 high quality screen captures of shannyn in rules of attraction;

check them out here.
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[01/17/05   at   3:11pm]


thats me and roger avary.

i don't have a scanner... sorry about the shitty quality.
no, your name is richard.

[12/27/04   at   7:26pm]

Hey guys. I got The Rules DVD for Christmas. Good stuff. I like it better than the VHS, because now Ican use the subtitle for things I couldn't understand. ::Like most of Guests' dialogue::

I'm thinking about leaving/deleting this community. If any of you guys want it, I'll give you the password and what not.
Thanks. Hope you all had a great Christmas. <3
no, your name is richard.

hmmmm [11/30/04   at   8:22pm]

i finished reading the book the other night. i liked it a lot, and i can't decide but i think the movie might be better. which is...uncommon. books are always better. and sequels always suck. that's like a rule. the movie followed the story pretty closely, a lot of the same things happened, but to different people. also, the book goes over the same events several times from different peoples' perspectives. the movie does it too sort of, what with the split-screen stuff like when sean and lauren first meet on their way to the tutorial. but in the movie, sean and paul's relationship was like, non-existent. paul could have been exaggerating in the book, though, it's hard to tell.

i need to stop talking. yes. has anyone else read it?
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shannyn sossamon on law and order tonight [11/23/04   at   11:08pm]

i hope everyone got to catch shannyn on law and order tonight, she was great.
maybe some of the best acting ive seen from her. shes really getting good. im so happy shes working...

what did you guys think?
i think the guy is guilty because if she wanted it or not, he beat the shit out of a weak, unstable woman.

x-posted in shannyn_fans
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[11/17/04   at   8:41pm]


Shannyn Sossamon is Love.
no, your name is richard.

i don't know. [11/04/04   at   7:33pm]

but cute eh?

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[11/01/04   at   8:04pm]

Haha. One of my favorite quotes has to be, "I want change...bring Daddy back change!"
no, your name is richard.

[10/21/04   at   10:48am]

[ mood | bored ]

noticed a funny little detail watching rules today. when lauren goes to see victor near the end of the movie, there's a note on his door that says, "victor, the test came back positive. be careful!"

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